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Over the past decade, UCSF Mission Bay has bloomed into a vibrant and vital campus and biotechnology hub, where academia and industry come together for cutting-edge, lifesaving research.

It is also the place where the next generation of basic scientists, clinical researchers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and dentists learn with the most modern tools available.

Click here to go directly to the list of SFBJV projects in Eco Atlas and find links to associated files and maps.

SFBJV partners deliver a variety of wetland protection, restoration, and enhancement projects throughout the nine Bay Area counties.

Joint Venture partners have identified and adopted criteria that define how habitat projects meet SFBJV goals and address the needs of target species.

These criteria also help Joint Venture partners prioritize projects based upon the goal of the project or the funding source.

Now being called Sedi Match, our speed dating/match-making kick-off was structured as a forum to explain how dredge material can help raise wetland elevations while helping dredgers with permits meet restoration project managers with dredge material needs.

Read more ยป Sedi Match Online Web Tool: In 2011, the SFBJV began tracking the sediment needs of restoration projects and hosted the first match-making meeting between restoration project managers and dredgers at BCDC in 2013.

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The system provides the following benefits: The SFBJV has put together a summary of currently active restoration, enhancement, stewardship and acquisition projects around the Bay with identified funding needs.

Today, UCSF Mission Bay is a hub for thousands of UCSF faculty, staff, students, patients and other visitors.

But it took visionaries and the help of the community to turn this onetime marsh-turned-neglected area into a national model for health sciences research, patient care and creation of new jobs.

Those wishing to be featured should contact Caroline Warner, Public Outreach Coordinator.

The San Francisco Bay Joint Venture (SFBJV) Design Review Program provides project managers and their consultants with expert technical review during the concept development, design and/or management stages of their projects.

Please let us know if you have projects that are in need of an update, or projects that are not yet included but may be a fit for the SFBJV program.

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