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Lately, there a lots of NGOs and groups joint forces to fight agains this principles.

The reason of going agains it was simply that more student failed in both subjects. And also saw lots of malays student either drop-off from University, or extend their study's years, or change the courses during my study at one of local University. At school, all subject is in malay and even the books is written in malay.

Zambry is an intellectual with a Ph D after his name.

When Anwar was in Umno, Zambry was a very strong supporter of Anwar Ibrahim, like Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. He has the great opportunity to introduce changes to new government and lead these changes in BN.

I think seven of us can manage” would have been brilliant. Then next day he appointed four advisors and gave the posts to MIC, Gerakan and UMNO, and said these advisors are as important as Exco members. They should have the honour to tell their respective communities that “you rejected us in the election, so you do not have the right to have representation in government.

If you want us to represent you, you must vote us in.”Instead MIC got the cheek to be demanding and asked for the Speaker’s post.

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is a method set by Education Ministry to forced student learn the subject, science and mathematics, in english.Even if he wants to win back lost seats and must show that he is the MB for all, he surely can choose other more outstanding Chinese and Indian representatives.Surely there are enough outstanding, honest and intelligent Indians and Chinese outside MIC and Gerakan in Perak who would be willing to make sacrifices and perform public service.He said he wants to see projects implemented on time with no cost over-run. His office is open to all – to those who voted for BN and those who voted against. Approach them, offer them these advisory posts but salaries and allowances must be less than that of Exco members.

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