Dating an oil rig worker


He asked me to send him my email address, which I did.

Then, later on, I received an email requesting the £765, a charge for international transfer or remittance.

He claimed that he had been in the structural engineering business for thirty years and was very successful. It touched me when he talked about his adopted children.

He said that his contract in Glasgow was nearly over. I chatted with him because I was interested in hearing about the kids he adopted.

I wondered why he would transfer money into my account after I had only known him for three days.

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In fact the average pay for an oil rig worker in 2011 was just under 0,000, with “drilling consultants” bringing in over 5,000.We had similar stories as I also have adopted children. He told me that I was beautiful and the sweetest lady he have ever met.After three days of chatting he told me that he had a phone call from Barclays Bank in Scotland and asked if he could transfer his contract money into my account.We have for a long time discussed careers with the view that the educated workforce ranked best, followed by skilled trades, then by those who simply “labor.” As the career promises of higher education continue to disappoint many and the skilled trades have been infiltrated by new technologies and the do-it-yourself industry, the labor market starts to look a little better!Employment and income are no longer taken for granted, thank you, Great Recession!The point is not to single out oil rig workers specifically but only for illustrative purposes, and not to denigrate the profession of nursing, but if only also for illustrative purposes.

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