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The rate of decay could have been faster or slower in the past due to numerous factors.

So it is logical to conclude that if recent lava flows of known age yield incorrect old potassium-argon ages due to the extra argon that they inherited from the erupting volcanoes, then ancient lava flows of unknown ages could likewise have inherited extra argon and yield excessively old ages. We feel a responsibility to make sure readers of this site go away with factual, truthful information, and this requires a frank correcting of some prevalent misinformation. No Contamination The problems with contamination, as with inheritance, are already well-documented in the textbooks on radioactive dating of rocks.

This is at first glance surprising, because of the ease with which one would expect helium with its tiny, light, unreactive atoms to escape from the spaces within the crystal structure.

It gives the assumptions that are made when analyzing different fossils and rock to find their ages or how old they are.

How can we be sure that when evaluating the standards that over 4.

This is what one of the recent RATE [2] papers reports on.

Assumptions with radiometric dating assumptions don't seem at too many, but if you browse at the know they can have on the has, especially for radioactive has that we have had less present to research, they could be indoors innacurate.

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Drawing any conclusions from the above depends, of course, on actually measuring the rate at which helium leaks out of zircons. There is a significant amount of helium from that '1.

The Radioactive element decays at a constant rate -If the specific decay and production rates vary throughout time and approach equilibrium, but have not yet reached equilibrium as is the case for Carbon which would take a minimal 20, to 30, years as denoted in the error analysis section of Dr.

I'm going to list them as they are given and then give my own interpretation of what errors might be made if these assumptions are incorrect.

This belief is based upon three significant assumptions.

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