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So too, we will never know the truth of the Torah and the beauty of Judaism if in our hearts, we think we are only ‘partly Jewish.’ (It bears mentioning that according to Jewish law, there is no such thing as ‘partly Jewish.’ If your mother is a Jew, you are totally Jewish, like it or not.) Moreover, young children do not make these kinds of commitments. That "Jewish"., is a religion only.m and not a historical people., i think might be debatable.

They absorb the values and ideas in their homes, but the real commitments come later in life when they set out on their own. That there's no genetic substantion for 'Jewish', i think might be debatable also.

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I’ll never forget sitting on the empty bleachers with my father in the Hutch gym at the University of Pennsylvania on that visit. But, as you know, Ivy League legacies aren’t just passed down. If you want to attend this school, then you need to spend the next four years working for it.” And I did.

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Along with a rise in mental and emotional troubles. You also assume that the faith of the parents is not a real issue which they care for, basing it on the fact that instead of going deep with one religion they confuse their child by experiencing two religions, eliminating the possibility of gaining a deep knowledge of Judaism so they are missing out its real meaning.

I believe that people are different and whatever works for one, not necessary will work to an other...

Every human being has his own life path, non Jews too, every human being is a creation of God and has a spark of God as part of himself which will guide him regardless the religion to which he\she belongs by birth.

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