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After a break in airings, anime programming returned on June 11, 2007, with a weekly two-hour programming block called "Ani-Monday".

In July 2009, Syfy announced that they had renewed and expanded their licensing agreement with Manga Entertainment to continue "Ani-Mondays", as well as to add a similar two-hour block of horror anime (also called "Ani-Monday") to its sister channel Chiller.

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I love to get my friends to laugh when they see the name I pick for the year.

One of my favorite things to do before our draft is pick a new, funny fantasy football team name.

On March 16, 2009, NBCUniversal announced that Sci-Fi was rebranding as "Syfy".

Network officials also noted that, unlike the generic term "sci fi", which represents the entire genre, the term "Syfy" as a sensational spelling can be protected by trademark and therefore would be easier to market on other goods or services without fear of confusion with other companies' products.

However, under NBCUniversal ownership, the channel has altered its programming to target more mainstream audiences.

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