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Their relationship may not have lasted, but Donna and David were together a long, long time on the show.Brandon Walsh and Emily Valentine weren’t really that hot and heavy on the show, but Jason Priestley and Christine Elise dated for five years.

Donna Martin and David Silver were one of 90210’s hottest couples, but Brian Austin Green and Tori Spelling (daughter of show creator Aaron Spelling) were a hot couple off screen for a bit too, as Spelling recently said on Celebrity Lie Detector that they hooked up behind the scenes. I was watching Jason Priestley and Shannen Doherty go through culture shock in California way before I was even allowed to, and then I proceeded to relive the show in syndication, especially on snow days and sick days.While I did love watching the show’s relationships blossom onscreen, I’m a nosy person and I really want to know who hooked up in real life on Beverly Hills, 90210 .“We know how to do it differently now; for so many years we didn’t know how to find time for ourselves — it was all about the kids, because we did start having kids right away.” “Then we had time to work on our relationship before Beau was born, so now we know how to do it, and we know you just make the time,” Spelling explains of herself and Mc Dermott, 50.premiered on FOX, and the show skyrocketed in popularity and thrust Tori Spelling into the spotlight.Her mother, Candy Spelling, is best known for her work as an author.

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