Updating android apps who is carson daly dating 2016


Head to the app listing from the "My Apps" setting, hit the menu button and uncheck the "Auto-update" box in the menu.

While there may not be a huge number of options when diving down into the Play Store settings, there's a good chance that some combination of the above options will strike the right balance for you to keep apps up to date while still giving you the feeling that you're controlling your phone's destiny.

As we noted above, the Play Store has "Auto-update apps only over Wifi" selected by default.

We're going to agree with Google that for the majority of users this is the best choice, especially as devices often now have dozens of apps installed at the same time.

NOTE: If you have closed this option before then it will not be available anymore.Most folks would like to know that their apps are up to date, and not have to worry about the update process using up their (often limited) mobile data allowance at the same time.If you happen to have unlimited data and want those apps right now, toggle on over to the "Auto-update apps at any time" option.You can check out this article on how to reduce memory usage on Android. A: You have full liberty in managing the auto-update feature on the same set up where you went to turn it on.Just go back to the settings and choose “Auto-update apps” then tap on the first option that says, “Do not auto-update apps”.Repeat steps 5 to 8 until if you want to stop more applications from updating automatically. Q: When updating using my data connection, will I incur extra data charges when the application size is more than the data available in my data plan?

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